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[Hankyung Finance] Blockchain technologies that solve problems in real life

[Source] Hankyung Finance 16.01.2023 06:50 article

[CES] Blockchain technologies that solve problems in real life

At this year's CES, many services appeared that showed the potential that block chain technology can cause tangible changes in our real lives beyond 'speculative cryptocurrency'. There were also Korean startups in the vanguard.

zkrypto's public blockchain-based voting app 'zKVoting'. zkrypto's 'zKVoting', which won the Best Innovation Award at CES 2023, is the first app to commercialize Zero Knowledge Proof technology in a voting system using a public blockchain. On the opening day of CES, CTA highlighted GK Voting as "three technologies to solve the problems humanity faces."

Zero-knowledge proof is a technology that proves that you have certain information without providing any information to the other party when making a transaction in the blockchain. zkrypto uses it for voting, where confidentiality is an iron rule, ensuring that information such as voter identity and voting details are completely protected. The verifier only knows that registered voters voted, not who voted where.

zkrypto is a blockchain-specialized startup co-founded by Hanyang University professor Oh Hyun-ok, who is an authority on zero-knowledge proof technology, and Kim Ji-hye, professor of electronic engineering at Kookmin University. CEO Oh said, "No one can change the votes in the ballot box, and all voters can check whether their votes are properly reflected in the count," introducing "the technology that can best abide by the principle of secret elections."

Cho Seung-rae, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea who visited zkrypto's exhibition booth at the CES site, showed interest, saying, "We should review it with the Election Commission to see if it can be used in actual elections."

Reporter Binnansae

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