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How we Differ?

We own Korea's first original Zero Knowledge Proof technology.

We are the first developers to create Korea's only zk-Rollup technology that supports blockchain scalability and efficiency.

We have created the world's first NFT & Crypto Wallet to support both anonymous and audit functions.

We have established a unique audit and anonymity solution which The Bank of Korea's CBDC currently employs.

We have launched the world's first online voting app (zkVoting) that fully complies with privacy and security concerns.

The Problem

The shortfall in privacy protection on Blockchain

Public blockchains enable people to access communal information which can infringe on personal information and user privacy

Ethereum is currently the largest platform to provide smart contracts on blockchain.

However, users struggle with the stagnant speed for processing large transactions and are burdened by high gas fees.

The Solution

Privacy solution

Our original Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) is a cryptographic technology that allows anyone to verify the correctness of data without disclosing the content of the data.

Scalability Solution

We have optimized zero-knowledge proof into a single zk-Rollup service. This innovation enables a seamless performance for multiple transactions on a separate chain (Layer2) to merge into a single transaction stored on the main chain (Layer1), solving cost and latency issues.

Research Area

R&D Achievements

In the span of five years Zkrypto has successfully published 25 SCI-level papers, 22 domestic patent registrations,

and 3 international patent application and registrations.

기술_어워드 아이콘.png


Grand Prize for National Cyber Security Paper Competition


Runner up Prize National Cyber Security Paper Competition


Honor Prize National Cyber Security Paper Competition


• Merit Prize National Cyber Security Paper Competition

• Merit Prize for The Korean Society of Information Sciences Blockchain Contest


Merit Prize National Cyber Security Paper Competition

Patents & S/W

Professor Hyunok Oh is the Lead Developer for the following patents in zero-knowledge proof and privacy in blockchain technology.

Patents Name


ㆍAdditively-homomorphic method and apparatus specialized for non-interactive zero-knowledge proof

ㆍElectronic voting system and method based on homogeneous cryptography



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