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Who We Are?

At Zkrypto we redefine privacy conventions

by employing original cryptographic technology on blockchain.

We address security and data privacy issues

and provide succinct, secure, and scalable data solutions.

Our zero-knowledge technology is internationally recognized

and optimizes existing zero-knowledge proofs.

Meet Our Team

An academic collaboration between

Professor Hyunok Oh and Professor Jihye Kim



Professor | Hyunok Oh

  • BS, Computer Engineering, Seoul National University

  • MS, Computer Engineering, Seoul National University

  • Ph. D., Computer Engineering, Seoul National University

  • UC Irvine Post Doctoral Researcher

  • (Current) Professor at Hanyang university, Korea

  • (Current) CEO at Zkrypto Inc.

Professor Hyunok Oh is a professor of Information Systems at Hanyang University, and CEO of Zkrypto. He acquired his B.Sc., M.Sc, and Ph. D. in Computer Science at Seoul National University. His research interests include cryptography, zero-knowledge proof, and blockchain.



Professor | Jihye Kim

• BS, Computer Engineering, Seoul National University

• MS, Computer Engineering, Seoul National University

• Ph. D. Computer Science, UC Irvine
• Post Doctoral Researcher, Seoul National University
• (Current) Professor at Kookmin university, Korea

• (Current) CTO at Zkrypto Inc.

Professor Jihye Kim is a professor of Electrical Engineering at Kookmin University and CTO of Zkrypto. Following her B.Sc. and M.Sc at Seoul National University she received her Ph.D in Computer Science at the University of California. Her research interests include network security, applied cryptography and zero-knowledge proof.


Bong Gyu Kim

Former director of NH Digital R&D Center at Nonghyup Financial Group, Bong Gue is renowned for introducing Korea’s first "Open API," earning commendation from the Minister of the Financial Services Commission. Bong Gue also lead Korea's Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) solidifying his presence within the finance industry. Additionally, Bong Gue serves as a professor of information systems at Hanyang University sharing his expertise in fintech and blockchain technology to students.


Hyung-jun Kim

Hyung-jun's extensive background includes holding a CPA position at Deloitte and chairing a strategic B2C partnership with Uber Technologies at Hyundai Group. His expertise in consulting and IT has enabled him to recognize invaluable perspectives in decision and negotiation-making.


Duyeon Kim

Before joining Zkrypto, Duyeon successfully managed a private tutoring agency for mature students and adults. His experience in the Korean education system and F&B business has allowed him to hone his operational skills, which he has continued to demonstrate at Zkrypto.

SW Head Researcher

Thomas Haywood-Dadzie

Thomas holds a PhD. in Information Systems from Hanyang University. His research interests include systems design, high-performance computing, and zk-proof system optimization. Thomas's research experience offers invaluable knowledge, which has proved integral in his responsibility and leadership over our engineers at Zkrypto.


• Research on zero-knowledge proof cryptography

(blockchain privacy, scalability...)

• Papers : SE-SNARK, Enc-and-prove,

Fast membership proof (World best)
• Develop ZKP applications on public blockchains


Privacy and Security Research Lab



・ Honored with a second accolade for the Best Small Enterprise Package Selection from KISED (Korea’s Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurial Development)

・ Responsible for the Privacy and Security division of the Bank of Korea’s CBDC

・ Venture company

・ Founded Zkrypto’s Enterprise Research Centre.

・ Partnered with IITP (The Institute for Information communication Technology Planning and evaluation) to refine and establish protection against core source technology for computer information systems.

・ Oversaw blockchain research and development for South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT and strengthened privacy and scalability concerns.

・ Creation of the the first Privacy-Preserving Digital Asset transfer system


・ Under the leadership of Professor Hyunok Oh and Professor Jihye Kim, Zkrypto Inc. is established. 

・ Selected and awarded for the Best Preliminary Startup Package Selection from KISED (Korea’s Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurial Development)

・ Rewarded the most innovative university startup award by the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development

・ Release of zkVoting: A zero-knowledge based privacy preserving E2E voting system on a public blockchain

・ Secured a business partnership with KISA (The Korean Internet & Security Agency) to counsel and cultivate widespread usage for blockchain and spearhead a research institute for blockchain technology.

・ Partnered with South Korea’s Supreme Court to delegate blockchain standardization in real estate purchase and sale transactions.

・ NH Digital Challenge+


At Zkrypto, we welcome clear and open communication.

If you have any further queries, need help, or have suggestions about Zkrypto,

do not hesitate to contact us using the form below.

HIT #321, 222 Wangsimni-ro,

Seongdong-gu Seoul, Korea

82 2-2293-5423

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