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Beyond the Impossible, Change the World

We optimize zero-knowledge proofs on blockchain reshaping what it means to have innate clarity in technological protection.

Pushing boundaries of transparent and integral security 

we can change the world together. 

Who are we
Our Goal

To deliver transparent, trustworthy, and scalable services.

Product & Service
  • Wallet

  • E-voting

  • zk-Rollup service

  • Logistics system

  • Auditable privacy-preserving transfers

  • Governments and DAOs

  • Layer 2 Solutions

Zero Knowledge proof?

Prover proves to verifier without revealing

secret information that prover knows the secret information

영지식 증명 설명 아이콘 작업(수정).png

Core technology that provides privacy protection and scalability in blockchain

How it works

Our Partners

Together We Can

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Get in Touch

HIT #321, 222 Wangsimni-ro,

Seongdong-gu Seoul, Korea

82 2-2293-5423

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