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[ETNews] zkrypto wins CES Innovative Award for second year in a row

ETNews 2023. 11. 16 zkrypto wins CES Innovative Award for second year in a row

Korean blockchain technology startup zkypto (CEO Oh Hyun-ok) has won the Best Innovation Award at CES, the world's largest consumer electronics show, for the second consecutive year.

On the 16th, according to the industry, zkypto was selected for the CES 2024 Best Innovation Award for 'zkVoting (Poll Station)'.

zkVoting is a system that enables secure delivery of votes without disclosing the identity of the voter and the content of the vote.

The ZKVoting poll station system takes this technology a step further by allowing it to be used not only online, but also in offline environments. It overcomes the problems of traditional offline polling stations, such as preventing the possibility of election tampering.

The system allows voters to verify that their votes have been properly counted, and post-election results can be publicly verified, increasing transparency.

zkypto previously won Best Innovation and Innovation Awards at CES last year for zkVoting, which applies zero-knowledge proof technology and a public blockchain, and zkWallet, a privacy-protected digital asset transaction wallet. In particular, zkVoting was introduced at the CES Open event and was described as a "key technology to complete digital democracy.

CEO Oh Hyun-ok, a professor at Hanyang University, and Chief Technology Officer Kim Ji-hye, a professor at Kookmin University, jointly participated in the research. The technology was funded by the Ministry of Science and ICT and supported by the Information and Communication Planning and Evaluation Agency. The company is currently conducting system advancement and expansion projects through the National Election Commission's blockchain online voting system, and plans to enter the overseas blockchain voting service market next year.

"This technology will become the cornerstone of digital direct democracy," said Oh Hyun-ok, CEO of zkypto. "It will bring us one step closer to the direct democracy we dream of."

Hyungdu Lee

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