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[CES 2023 Global Review & Conference in Seoul ⑥] Oh Hyun-ok, CEO of zkrypto, “Introduction of online

[Source] 02.16.2023 AVING News

[CES 2023 Global Review & Conference in Seoul ⑥] Oh Hyun-ok, CEO of zkrypto, “Introduction of online voting system, consideration of ‘digital democracy’” [Original article]

Aving News, a global media channel, held 'CES 2023 Be in IT. Global Reviews & Conference in SEOUL' at COEX Studio 159 on the 14th.

This conference, hosted by AVING News and joined by the Next Generation Convergence Contents Industry Association as a partner, presents vivid on-site news from CES, which was held for the first time since Endemic, as well as Korea's crisis and response strategies revealed at CES 2023. made to share.

The conference invited key figures such as CES 2023 participating companies, partner organizations, and supporters, as well as officials from various industries in Korea, and a total of 200 visitors gathered. Including the editor and publisher, △Min-Sang Yoo, CSO of Autonomous A2G Future Strategy Office △Young-Gon Koh, Marketing Leader of Nubilab △Hyeon-Jun Lee, CEO of SevenPoint One △Dong-Hyung Shin, Head of Strategic Planning Team at Rsupport (Author of “Beyond Change”) △Hyeon-Ok Oh, CEO of zkrypto, etc. .

Oh Hyun-ok, CEO of zkrypto, who participated in CES 2023 and introduced the blockchain-based online voting service “zkVoting,” gave a presentation on the theme of “Digital Democracy-Social Impact” as the last presenter of the event. He hinted at the possibility of building a new democracy in the digital world.

zkrypto is one of the representative companies introduced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), pointing to digital democracy as one of the technologies to solve problems facing humanity. CEO Oh Hyun-ok explained that the occupation of the Capitol in the United States about a year ago acted as a background for CTA to show direct interest in its service.

CEO Oh said, “The incident at the time made Americans pay more attention to the development and maintenance of democracy. This is not just a problem in the United States. It has happened several times,” he said.

“The cause of these problems is definitely the people’s distrust of the voting system. There are widespread concerns about whether hacking or manipulation has occurred during the process of counting and counting votes, or whether someone has committed ticketing before voting,” he said. “This is also the reason why electronic voting through computing systems is difficult to introduce. do,” he said.

Voting manipulation is often caused by human error rather than equipment or system failure, and such incidents also occur in the private sector, causing social controversy and problems. Regarding this, CEO Oh said, “Related discourses have surfaced in the case of the Produce 101 ranking manipulation case in Korea and the case of teachers manipulating the counting results in the elementary school president election.” This is why the need for a solution that blocks risks at the source is emerging.”

Voting is based on blockchain so that anyone can know whether or not they have voted immediately after voting, and the voting result is encrypted to protect the principle of secret voting. In addition, it is a solution that can verify the validity of the contents without knowing the contents of the cipher text with the ‘zero-knowledge proof’ technology that verifies valid voters and correct votes while encrypting without revealing the original.

Regarding this, CEO Oh emphasized that "zkVoting, which has the advantages of being fast, convenient and safe, completely fits the purpose of digital democracy."

At the same time, he argued that digital democracy based on online voting does not stop as a means to replace the existing method, but can be a way to promote a new method. Representative Oh said, “There can be room for a new voting system to be prepared, such as flexibly adjusting the number of votes that can be cast in parliament according to public support in real time, or reflecting the will and initiative of individual voters instead of one vote per person. He said, “I hope that discussions and research between the public and the political world will be actively conducted in this regard.”

Meanwhile, 'CES', the world's largest IT exhibition, is an exhibition where you can grasp the trend of the global home appliance industry at a glance. Hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it is held in Las Vegas, USA every January. AVING News, which has covered CES for 17 consecutive years, has reported CES news all over the world every year since 2006. MADE IN KOREA'. In addition, through ‘AVING LIVE’, CES site issues have been vividly conveyed.

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