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[ETNEWS] New blockchain voting technology goes to ‘National Science Museum’

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

[Source] Electronic Newspaper 17. 10. 2023 New blockchain voting technology goes to ‘National Science Museum’

<zkrypto’s Experience Zone exhibition plan to be installed at the National Science Museum. The zkvoting voting system will be structured in the same way as it is reflected in actual voting. 〈Image source=zkrypto>

The National Science Museum (Director Seok-rae Lee) will set up an exhibition space where people can experience the new blockchain technology 'zero-knowledge proof' and will seek to conclude mutual business support agreements with companies with related technologies.

According to the industry on the 17th, the National Science Museum will hold a cutting-edge technology exhibition on the 23rd of this month with zkrypto (blockchain), Volsys (advanced marine unmanned system), Safeware (human safety solution), Newtune (music artificial intelligence technology), and Noroo Paint. Sign a business agreement.

Based on this agreement, the science museum provides exhibition space and operating expenses to the target companies for two years and also allows the use of the company name. Each company can promote its technology by installing exhibits within the allocated space.

The National Science Museum under the Ministry of Science and ICT represents domestic science museums along with the Gwacheon National Science Museum. It started from the National Science Museum in Yejang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul in 1949, and later, as a plan to expand the science museum was established, a location was selected in Daejeon Daedeok Research Complex and opened in 1990. It covers all areas of science, including basic science, earth science, life science, and science and technology, and is characterized by a variety of exhibitions and experiences.

zkrypto, a blockchain technology company, plans to set up a promotional center with the themes of 'Zero-Knowledge Proof' and 'Flow of Change'. Content consisting of incidents or accidents caused by the weakest security in domestic and international elections or interesting statistics is composed by comparing it with zero-knowledge proof, which is the most advanced voting technology at the moment.

A total of four promotional centers were set up so that the audience could naturally experience changes and innovations in voting technology. The History Zone, which introduces the past, presents content about the inconvenient accessibility of previous voting systems and old customs in the form of printed panels. Next, in the Technology Zone, security technology using zero-knowledge proofs is presented in the form of infographics, and in The Present and Experience Zone, the latest voting system with a touch display and actual blockchain technology is recreated. Decorate it so you can experience it yourself.

zkrypto, co-founded in 2020 by hanyang university Professor Hyunok Oh and Kookmin University Professor Jihye Kim, is evaluated as a company with the highest level of technology in the zero-knowledge proof field. It won the ‘Best Innovation Award’ at CES held in Las Vegas, USA early this year.

Kim Bong-gyu, executive director of zkrypto, said, “We will allow people to directly experience zero-knowledge proof technology through the zkvoting voting experience, and introduce the reliability of the voting system based on it to the general public in an easy-to-understand manner.” “I am surprised and grateful to have been given the opportunity to exhibit the startup’s new blockchain technology at the National Science Museum,” he said.

Reporter Hyungdu Lee

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