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[ZDNET KOREA] zkrypto wins Best Innovation Award at CES for 'zkVoting' for the second year in a row

ZDNET KOREA  10-01-2024

[ZDNET KOREA] krypto wins Best Innovation Award at CES for 'zkVoting' for the second year in a row

"It can be applied to actual voting, such as general elections and presidential elections"

zkrypto, a zero-knowledge proof solution company, announced on the 10th that it has won the Best Innovation Award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for the second consecutive year.

The service that won this award is the 'zkVoting' polling station that applies a public blockchain. While zkVoting was aimed at online voting, zkVoting Polling Station is a solution that can be applied to offline elections. For example, it can be used for elections for the Korean National Assembly or the presidential election.

According to zkrypto, the system allows voters to verify that their votes were cast according to their intentions, and the post-election tally is publicly verifiable.

zkrypto CEO Oh Hyun-ok introduces the zkVoting polling station system at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 on the 9th (local time).

"The zkVoting polling station system complements the shortcomings of the current voting system by using blockchain technology and encryption technology called zero-knowledge proof for the service of going to the polling station and voting directly," said Oh Hyun-ok, CEO of zkVoting. "The voters vote on electronic devices instead of paper at the polling station, and the results are encrypted and stored on the blockchain."

zkrypto plans to commercialise zkVoting and the zkVoting polling station system this year. "We are working with the Central Election Commission to test the application of zkVoting in the Central Election Commission's online voting system," said Oh. "By 2025, we plan to scale up and make zkrypto's voting technology available everywhere."

The zkrypto booth at CES2024

Previously, zkrypto won the Best Innovation Award in the blockchain field at CES for the second year in a row.

zkVoting was co-developed by CEO Oh Hyun-ok, a professor at Hanyang University, and Chief Technology Officer Kim Ji-hye, a professor at Kookmin University, with funding from the Ministry of Science and ICT and support from the Information and Communication Planning and Evaluation Institute.

Hee-yeon Son, reporter(

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