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[ZDNET Korea] What is the cornerstone of web 3.0 activation and zero-knowledge proof?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

[Source] 2023/03/22 10:53 ZDNET Korea

zero-knowledge proof 'Zkrypto' Kim Bong -kyu CPO… "Catch security and transparency at the same time"

The rapid development of semiconductor technology began to commercialize the technology that was limited to theory. I think the blockchain is a representative example. In addition to the blockchain, the recent theory is 'zero-knowledge proof'. If you're engaged in the blockchain industry, interested in token economy, or if you're interested in security, it's a name that's still unfamiliar.

Kim Bong -kyu (CPO), who recently met at the 'Zkrypto' office in Seongsu Hanyang University's laboratory in Seoul, has briefly unveiled his knowledge. He emphasized that it is necessary to make good use of this zero-knowledge proof for the revitalization of Web 3.0 and the success of the government's token securities (STO).

"You can prove me without a certain certificate."

Even the word of zero-knowledge proof is awkward for many. If you solve this in English, you can understand it a little faster. It is a word that combines zero, knowledge, proof. 'It can be proved even if your knowledge is zero' is the basic concept of this English knowledge.

Kim Bong -gyu said, "If you go to a convenience store and want to buy a drink, you will be able to confirm whether you are an adult. "You can understand that this is the basis of the proof of spirit knowledge, proving that you have the authority to live without giving it to the staff."

If you move it to the blockchain statue, when A says that he sends a C virtual asset to a man named B, the important fact is not the detailed data for A and B. Using this zero-knowledge proof, the data that transactions have occurred while protecting personal information about A and B can be prove.

Kim said, "We can complement the limitations of the privacy infringement that blockchain had to prove the data justification only by listening to the data."

Privacy protection and audit function

Zkrypto has actually tested the technology that can match the compatibility of data if necessary as necessary. He participated in the Bank of Korea's digital currency (CBDC) mock test. Kim said, "In the end, CBDC should also be verified later." "If the transaction is made, it is necessary to verify that the transaction was done at the same time. The only place I owned is the only in Korea. ”

He said, "The company supports blockchain voting services based on zero-knowledge proof, preventing money laundering, audit support, and digital asset transaction certification service," he said. "I can see the transaction, so I also reduced my concerns such as preventing money laundering."

Currently, Zkrypto's blockchain voting system is receiving attention in many nations that must follow the principles of the election and the principles of secret voting. Kim said, "The blockchain voting system has received the CES Innovation Technology Award and is receiving great attention in various fields and many countries."

Web 3.0 Activation After all, it is necessary to zero-knowledge proof

Kim Bong -kyu, executive director of Zkrypto, was convinced that the Token Economy and the extension of the extension Web 3.0 would be an important technology. Kim Bong -kyu, who has led the digital R & D center of NH Nonghyup Bank, joined Zkrypto, because the financial sector of the proof of zero-knowledge proof was expected to be a trend.

"The token economy is sprouting while the government is now allowing token securities (STO), but there is a problem to be solved. It is to prevent money laundering while protecting privacy." "It will be indispensable to melt the technology of the zero-knowledge proof in STO Wallet."

In fact, on the 16th, overseas media 'Double Rock' reported that the European Parliament passed a bill that included the introduction of the zero-knowledge proof technology to protect the privacy of European citizens when using digital asset wallets.

Kim Bong -kyu said, "Web 3.0 key should be able to distribute digital assets, but the mechanism of selling and thinking of digital assets while informing me of my own information is difficult." I did it for me, but if the web 3.0 is bigger, it is the reference point whether it can be owned and distributed by an individual. ” "In order to revitalize the web 3.0, or to the position of token economy, privacy and security for digital assets must be carried out together."

Reporter Son Hee -yeon

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