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[Yonhap News] Expanding the number of online referendums with blockchain... Certification...

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

[Source] Yonhap News 023.06.27 12:00

Expanding the number of online referendums with blockchain... Certification as a digital badge

Ministry of Science and ICT, selected 12 projects in the public and private sectors applying block chain technology

Online electronic notarized document offline use… Electric vehicle battery remaining life check service

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Cho Sung-mi = Based on blockchain technology, the scale of online referendum acceptance will expand from the current 1 million to 10 million, and national qualifications and training certificates will be digital badges that can be conveniently submitted for job hunting without paper documents. is converted to The Ministry of Science and ICT announced on the 27th that it will promote a blockchain technology leading application project consisting of six projects in the public and private sectors. First of all, in the public sector, the Election Commission reorganizes the blockchain-based system to accommodate up to 10 million voters in the city and province units in the online voting system (K-Voting).

The Ministry of Science and ICT is expected to increase the demand for large-capacity servers and personal information protection due to the expansion of the number of votes, and plans to strengthen the server infrastructure and the voting and counting encryption system.

About 1,000 types of certificates and vocational training record checks, which were issued as paper documents by visiting institutions or downloaded and printed from the Internet, will be issued as digital badges on mobile and can be submitted to educational institutions or companies targeting employment.

The Government Employees Pension Service reorganized the receiving of pension entitlement confirmation documents by mail into a non-face-to-face procedure that utilizes facial and voice information, etc. Improve the notary system.

The Korea Sports Association plans to issue transcripts of sports team activities or competitions to mobile apps so that players can conveniently submit them in the process of going to college or getting a job.

In the private sector, the development of blockchain-using services is promoted with government support.

Parameter issues an evaluation certificate for the remaining life of an electric vehicle battery and builds a service called Bae Dae-ri that can be used in insurance or used car transactions.

Recycling Ledger records the history from collection of waste cooking oil to processing through blockchain so that it can be used in the process of exporting waste cooking oil.

SK Planet builds a non-fungible token (NFT)-based performance ticket service, and Ilju NS builds a small power plant investment service.

Song Sang-hoon, director general of information and communication policy at the Ministry of Science and ICT, said, "We will actively support blockchain to establish itself as a technology that can provide convenient and safe public services and take the lead in global exports."

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