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[TOKENPOST] Oh Hyun -ok, CEO of Zkrypto, "Cryptocurrency in Korea is contraindicated.

[Source] 05.03.2023 Token Post

Oh Hyun -ok, CEO of Zkrypto, "Cryptocurrency in Korea is taboo gear ... speculative asset vision"

Photo = Oh Hyun -ok, a professor of Hanyang University and a representative of Zkrypto, is holding a keynote speech at the Ripple.TRM Raps Korea Policy Summit held in Gangnam, Seoul on the 15th. / Token Post Park Won -bin

Experts have argued that the government's policy, which emphasizes cryptocurrency regulations, hinders Korea's development of cryptocurrency platforms.

Oh Hyun -ok, a professor at Hanyang University and a representative of Zkrypto, attended the Ripple. TRM Raps Korean Policy Summit held in Gangnam, Seoul on the 15th, and presented the government's policy to look at the direction of blockchain projects in Korea and digital assets in Korea. did.

Zkrypto is a developer of ZKVOTING, a public blockchain -based online voting app that uses ZKP technology.

Oh said, "After this discussion, there was a discussion on whether the cryptocurrency was worth it in Korea, and the Korean government's policy on cryptocurrency was also decided."

It is explained that it has gained justification for applying regulations to cryptocurrencies by treating cryptocurrencies as speculative assets.

Oh said, "The stance that looks at cryptocurrency in the government is to prohibit the terms of cryptocurrency unconditionally."

Indeed, it is difficult to find a national -led project with terms such as cryptocurrency and virtual assets since 2018, and all blockchain projects supported by government agencies, including the Ministry of Science and ICT, are based on private blockchain. Do it.

Photo = 2021 Government Support Blockchain Project Size / Token Post Jeong Seok -kyu

Oh expressed his regret for the reality of Korea following the world's late trend.

"As the Korean government focuses on private blockchain, we have developed related projects internationally as keywords such as alternative non -token (NFT) and decentralized finance (Defi) have developed related projects," he said. I started my business, but the scale was significantly small. ”

There were also criticism of the government's keynote that recommended the use of private blockchain.

Mr. Oh said, "The government uses private blockchain in securities companies in securities firms, and securities firms use existing securities trading systems." I wonder if it's right. ”

According to Oh, the government's consistent cryptocurrency policy is a good idea to use blockchain technology through the requirements of distributed the Director, but it is not allowed to introduce cryptocurrency.

"In Korea, cryptocurrency is a taboo like Harry Potter's Boldmot," he added.

"In the future government -led project, this key will continue," he said. "I think that if we enjoy it by using cryptocurrency to create useful services, not speculative assets, we can change the view of the government."

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