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[MTN News] World's first blockchain electronic voting visualization... National Election Commission,

[source] MTN뉴스 27.06 16:25:34

World's first blockchain electronic voting visualization... National Election Commission, launching a consortium

An electronic voting system that combines blockchain with the latest encryption technology will be built on a trial basis by the end of this year. / Photo courtesy of Newsis

Agreements with technology companies such as the National Election Commission and zkypto. Combining encryption technology with blockchain’s inherent transparency

The era of electronic voting using blockchain has become visible. An electronic voting system that protects privacy, such as individual voting information, while guaranteeing the transparency of the blockchain will be introduced at the end of this year at the earliest.

According to the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National Election Commission on the 27th, the National Election Commission signed an 'agreement for the expansion of a blockchain-based online voting system' with the zkrypto-NHN Inje INC. consortium.

The Ministry of Science and ICT is carrying out intensive projects in the public field of blockchain this year centered on the Korea Internet & Security Agency. Under this agreement, the zkrypto-NHN Inje INC. consortium will promote the reliability and security of voting based on blockchain, such as upgrading local government online referendums, by the end of this year.

A blockchain is a distributed ledger composed of connected blocks, and each block refers to the information of the previous block to prevent data forgery and tampering. Once the voting data is recorded on the blockchain, it cannot be changed, so the reliability of the voting results can be secured. However, in general, since anyone can read and verify stored data in a blockchain, the need for some part of encryption has been raised for politically sensitive issues such as voting.

zkrypto, which formed this consortium, is a technology company that possesses the latest block chain encryption technology called zero-knowledge proof. When a voter proves his or her vote, the technology that can prove the validity of the vote without disclosing the actual voting details is applied to this project. do.

“Zero-knowledge proof is a privacy protection technology that can verify the legitimacy of voting while protecting the voter’s personal information and voting contents,” said an official in the blockchain industry. We can expect a blockchain online voting system,” he explained.

zkrypto developed zkVoting, the world's first blockchain online voting application that applied the latest zero-knowledge proof technology, and won the Best Innovation Award in the Cyber Security & Privacy category of the US CES this year.

NHN Inje INC. is an NHN-affiliated system integration (SI) company that built and operated the existing online voting system of the National Election Commission.

Cho Jeong-hyun Money Today Broadcasting MTN Reporter

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