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[Korea Economic Daily] Side by side with Samsung, LG, and SK... K-startups who won the best 'honor'

[Source] Korea Economic Daily 06.01.2023 8:23 am article

Side by side with Samsung, LG, and SK... K-startups who won the best 'honor' [CES 2023]


The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organizer of CES, presents the 'Innovation Award' to innovative products that will lead the world. Among them, the highest honor is the 'Best Innovation Award', which is given to only one product in each field. At this year's event, 23 products from companies around the world received the Best Innovation Award, 11 of which were made by Korean companies. Among them, five are products from domestic startups. The rest is up to large corporations such as Samsung and LGSK.

Blockchain startup Zkrypto received the Best Innovation Award in the category of 'Cyber Security'. The company, co-founded by Hanyang University professor Oh Hyun-ok and Kookmin University professor Kim Ji-hye, developed a 'secret voting' platform using blockchain technology.

The 'zero (0) knowledge proof' technology is the key. Kim Hyung-joon, director of Zkrypto, said, “It is a privacy protection technology that proves to the verifier only the fact that the prover knows the secret information without directly exposing secret information to the verifier.” feature,” he explained.

Zkrypto believes that by applying a blockchain-based secret voting system, it will be possible to create a world where voters can vote safely while being open to the public while protecting their privacy. It is explained that manpower, cost, and time are drastically reduced, and transparency and reliability are increased.

In addition, Microsystems, a startup that opened in 2017, won the Best Innovation Award in the field of 'Smart City'. It introduced CCTV using electronic 'self-cleaning' function. It is characterized by high-definition monitoring even when the camera lens is contaminated by rainwater.

Las Vegas = Reporter Kim Jong-woo

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