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[Korea Economic Daily] 2023 Mobile Technology Grand Prize Organiser < zkrypto 'zkVoting' >

Korea Economic Daily 21. 11. 2023

Mobile Technology Grand Prize Organiser

zkrypto's zkVoting, the world's first public blockchain voting system based on zero-knowledge proof technology, will receive the President's Award at the 23rd Mobile Technology Awards.

Zero-knowledge proof technology proves that a prover knows a secret information without directly revealing the secret information to the verifier. zkVoting encrypts data to ensure privacy and stores the ciphertext and proof on the blockchain. By validating the contents of the ciphertext without knowing the contents of the ciphertext, no one but the voter can verify the voter and the contents of the vote. It is explained that it can increase social convenience, such as secret voting on smartphones.

Reporter Lee Seung-woo

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