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[etnews] zkrypto final selection_Woori Financial Group selects 14 startups to participate...

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

[Source] etnews 23-06-2023 11:27

Woori Financial Group selects 14 startups to participate in the 4th Dino Lab

Woori Financial Group (Chairman Lim Jong-ryong) announced on the 23rd that it had selected 14 companies for the 4th term to participate in the startup cooperation program ‘DINNOlab’.

For fair screening, promising startups in various fields such as fintech, platform, proptech, and ESG were selected based on the evaluation of a total of 10 people, including external experts. In addition, working-level staff from Woori Financial Group, including Woori Bank, participated in the screening and discovered promising companies focusing on the possibility of collaboration.

The companies finally selected include △Nick Company △Lighthouse △Recycle Ledger △Big Tech Plus △XbaX △Whatsup △Worksmate △Winningi △Iza △zkrypto △KRG Group △Four Chains △Pierrot Company △HireX. buy 14

Companies selected for the 4th Dino Lab are provided with free office space for one year at the ‘Dino Lab Center 1’, and opportunities to attract investment through business cooperation with Woori Financial affiliates and IR competitions are also provided.

Lim Jong-ryong, Chairman of Woori Financial Group, said, "We will serve as a stepping stone for mutual growth that will operate not only domestic and international collaboration, but also strategic investment."

Woori Financial Group is strengthening business cooperation and investment links for startups by creating a group company fund centered on Woori Financial Capital last year and incorporating ‘Woori Venture Partners’, a venture capital company, as a subsidiary in March this year. In the second half of the year, it plans to reopen the Dino Lab Vietnam Center, which was suspended due to the corona, to support the role of a bridgehead for companies wishing to enter overseas markets.

Reporter Hyung-Doo Lee

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