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[ETNEWS] Support for 23 startups in the '2022 Big-Star Solver Platform 4th Industry'

[Source] Electronic Times 14-12-2022 12:25 article

Support for 23 startups in the '2022 Big-Star Solver Platform 4th Industry'

<Business briefing session for selected companies held at the Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center Smart Office>

The Seoul Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (Director Hwang Yun-kyung, hereinafter referred to as the Seoul Center) is founded in 8 tasks of the 2022 '2022 Big-Star Solver Platform 4th Industry (Metabus AI) Field' project hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups 23 companies were finally selected, and they announced that they would start supporting commercialization as of December 15th.

The 'Big-Star Solver Platform' is a business introduced for the first time in 2020, where large companies present tasks and start-up companies solve them, allowing large companies to utilize external creative ideas and technologies to prepare new opportunities for new markets and new business creation, and start-up It is a public-private partnership project that helps companies prepare a foothold for growth and leap forward. This year, the '2022 big-star solver platform 4th industry (metabus, artificial intelligence) field' project is participated by the Seoul Center, an organization specializing in company discovery and start-up support, as a supervising organization, and the general organization, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and the exclusive agency, the Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Promotion. We are running a business together.

This year's project has a total of 8 tasks, and 8 large corporations and public institutions participated in the 'Metaverse Field' and 'Artificial Intelligence Field' to present tasks that need to be resolved.

'Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute' in the 'Metaverse field' presented 'Proposal of a new payment method exclusively for the Metaverse ecosystem' as a task, and 'Block Odyssey Co., Ltd.' 'Nia Labs' and 'zkrypto' were finally selected.

The final selected companies will be supported with commercialization funds of up to 100 million won, and follow-up support will be provided, such as linking R&D support projects and preferential loans through policy funds. In addition, the Seoul Center, as a host organization, will support collaboration between large companies and final selected companies to create an environment that can continuously create results of win-win cooperation.

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