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[ETNews] Ministry of Science and ICT attends CES 2024...seeks to globalise K-Digital

ETNews  05-01-2024

[ETNews] Ministry of Science and ICT attends CES 2024...seeks to globalise K-Digital

<Ministry of Science and Technology CI>

The Ministry of Science and ICT will attend CES 2024, the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, in Las Vegas, USA, from the 9th to the 12th of this month to identify the latest technology trends and explore ways to enter the global market.

MSIT has been attending CES every year to identify the latest promising information and communication technology (ICT) companies in the world and to promote innovative ICT research and development (R&D) policies and plans through cooperation with related organisations.

The policy research group holds a meeting with companies participating in CES, a meeting with overseas Korean researchers, and a digital youth talent forum. The group is headed by Kang Kang-hyun, head of the ICT Policy Office at MSIT.

On the 8th, a day before the CES exhibition, Kang will meet with SK Telecom, Doosan Robotics, Green Minerals, Nubi Labs, and POEN to share the international community's sentiment on sustainability, one of the key themes of CES, and discuss public-private partnerships for digital carbon neutrality.

He will also hold a meeting with companies that won innovation awards at this year's CES, including zkrypto, Cremo, Deepx, Gaudio Lab, and Mayai, to hear their policy recommendations on fostering digital startups and ventures and entering the global market.

The final event will be a meeting with leading Korean ICT companies such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Hyundai Motor to introduce the 'Digital Bill of Rights' announced by the Ministry of Science and ICT in September last year and request their interest and participation in sharing Korea's experience in establishing a new digital order with the international community.

On the 9th, the opening day of the CES exhibition, we will share the importance of promoting global R&D to expand the domestic research ecosystem with Korean researchers and entrepreneurs working overseas and discuss the direction of global R&D in the digital field. A digital youth talent forum will also be held.

In addition, the programme will identify the latest global technology trends through visits to the CES Global Conglomerate Pavilion, and encourage global activities of domestic companies through visits to universities and venture firms.

"During CES 2024, we will have a time to experience the latest global technologies and encourage domestic companies that are fighting at the forefront of technological hegemony," said Kang Kang-hyun. "We will think about K-digital globalisation through interviews with stakeholders in various fields and reflect on future policies."

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