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[Electronic Times] zkrypto-LG CNS, Zero-Knowledge Proof-based Blockchain Specialized Business...

[Source] Electronic Times 22-08-2023

zkrypto-LG CNS, Zero-Knowledge Proof-based Blockchain Specialized Business Development MOU

From the left, Oh Hyun-ok, CEO of zkrypto, and Bae Min, executive director of LG CNS Solution Division

zkrypto (CEO Oh Hyun-ok), a blockchain zero-knowledge proof technology company, announced on the 22nd that it had exchanged a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with LG CNS for collaboration on the development of a zero-knowledge proof-based blockchain specialized business model (CBDC, STO, voting, etc.) .

zkrypto is a Hanyang University start-up company that focuses on zero-knowledge proof research, and was jointly founded in 2020 by Professor Oh Hyun-ok and Professor Kim Ji-hye. Since its founding, it has carried out a service to introduce privacy enhancement technology for the Bank of Korea CBDC, and since June 2023, the Central Election Commission's block-chain voting system project, which is KISA's block-chain focus and expansion project in the private sector, is in progress.

LG CNS is carrying out various blockchain businesses such as △DIDt, a mobile employee ID with DID technology, △TaaS (Token as a Service), a service-type token for targeting the NFT market, and △Monachain, its own blockchain platform. Recently, it is also working on establishing a token securities (STO) platform in earnest.

The two companies plan to provide new value and services to corporate and individual customers by combining the strengths of DX new technology and each company's business know-how.

An official from zkrypto said, “We are confident in the future value and potential of blockchain technology, and through this agreement, we will pioneer a new market by combining the technology and business capabilities of both companies.”

Hyung-Doo Lee

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