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[Electronic News] 人site | Oh Hyun-ok, CEO of Zkrypto “Zero-knowledge proof, ‘voting manipulation...

[source] 전자신문 2023-07-31 16:00

[Electronic News] 人site | Oh Hyun-ok, CEO of Zkrypto “Zero-knowledge proof, ‘voting manipulation and distrust’ will be eliminated”

<[Insight] Reporter Kim Min-soo, CEO of Zkrypto Oh Hyun-ok>

“Whether online or offline, the story that comes up the most after voting is 'I don't believe in the voting results, I suspect manipulation'. A technology that can minimize this distrust or social confusion is Zero-Knowledge Proof.”

Oh Hyun-ok, CEO of Zkrypto (Professor at Hanyang University), predicted that zero-knowledge proof technology would bring about revolutionary changes in various voting in the future. She came up with an opinion that the social cost of distrust can be minimized, from entertainment programs that involve viewer voting, such as 'Produce Series', to referendums that decide the big things in the local community.

Zkrypto, co-founded in 2020 by Professor Oh and Professor Jihye Kim of Kookmin University, is evaluated as a company with the highest level of technology in the field of zero-knowledge proof.

Earlier this year, it won the 'Best Innovation Award' at CES held in Las Vegas, USA. He performed the Bank of Korea's CBDC privacy enhancement technology introduction service, and since June, he has been carrying out the Central Election Commission's block-chain voting system project, which is a block-chain focus and expansion project of the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) in the private sector. The core of the online voting solution is encryption technology. In particular, in the case of secret ballots, it is most important to protect voters' identities and ballot value data from being revealed to anyone.

The problem comes when manipulation of voting results is suspected. To verify manipulation, the encrypted data must be decrypted to see whether only normal voters participated in the vote. However, verification will inevitably expose personal information about who voted where.

Either the flawless secret ballot or the transparent verification of voting results is something that must be abandoned. Representative Oh said, “The solution to this dilemma is zkVoting, developed by Zkrypto.” There is,” he explained. “Global entertainment producers who want to get away from viewers’ suspicions of voting manipulation are actively exploring the introduction,” he said.

zkVoting also contains concerns about the problems of 'ticketing' and 'coercive voting', which are problematic in developing countries. It is a method of giving a so-called 'fake key' to voters, and if this voter casts a vote through a fake key, this data is not reflected in the ballot box. Those who want to bribe voters have set up a device that prevents voters from being trusted. Zkrypto plans to expand its zero-knowledge proof solution not only to voting but also to various fields such as logistics and remittance. In the second half of this year, we are preparing to introduce 'GK Logis', a technology that can be applied to 'genuine certification' by following the logistics process recorded in the block chain backwards.

CEO Oh said, “There have been many attempts to apply blockchain technology to logistics in the past, but companies were reluctant to participate because there was a problem with data being exposed to competitors when using a private blockchain.” We are also developing a system that verifies the authenticity of products through technology, and the flow of logistics is visible only to those involved.”

Reporter Hyung-Doo Lee

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