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[Aving News] Zkrypto showcases ‘zk Voting’, a blockchain online voting service at CES 2023...

[Source] Aving News 16.01.2023 article

Zkrypto Introduces ‘zkVoting’, a Blockchain Online Voting Service at CES 2023... “Establishing Perfect Security with Zero-Knowledge Proof!

Zero-knowledge proof technology-based online voting service 'zkVoting' presented by Zkrypto at CES 2023 | Filming - AVING NEWS

[Las Vegas (USA) = AVING NEWS] ZKRYPTO participated in 'CES 2023' held in Las Vegas, USA for a total of 4 days from January 5th (Thursday) to 8th (Sunday, local time) and introduced blockchain based online voting service 'zkVoting'.

zkrypto's zkVoting is based on 'Zero-Knowledge Proof' that proves that specific information has been confirmed to the other party without sharing personal information between users. Based on these characteristics, it is considered a key technology for privacy protection, and zkVoting was introduced as an election solution that allows voters to vote safely anytime, anywhere by completely protecting voters' personal information with blockchain.

In addition, zkVoting was selected as the 'Best of Innovation' by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organizer before CES 2023, and was honored with being selected for the Innovation Award in the software and mobile app sectors.

At the CTA's State of the Industry Address held on the 5th, Kinsey Fabrizio, senior vice president of CTA, introduced that "zkVoting will be able to open a completely new era of elections" and added, "The world is facing It is one of three technologies that will solve the big challenge.”

zkVoting smartphone application (app) operation screen | Filming - AVING NEWS

Oh Hyun-ok, CEO of zkrypto, said, “By including the fact that 'a person voted once and encrypted it' in the voting data using zero-knowledge proof technology, it is possible to confirm that the voter voted, but not to know who voted where. “In addition, anyone can check the entire process, including whether the ballots were properly put into the ballot box and whether they were properly reflected in the counting,” he added.

She added, “Voting will be activated as the cost of elections is lowered, and a transparent society will be created in which the will of the people can be more actively reflected.”

Kim Ji-hye, Chief Technology Officer of zkrypto, said, “zkVoting has received a lot of attention and support from blockchain industry officials in terms of providing services that can be experienced in real life beyond the speculative cryptocurrency-oriented blockchain ecosystem.” “In the blockchain service that provides public verifiability, privacy is ultimately the biggest issue, and we want to solve it with zero-knowledge proof and commercialize the versi that blockchain has dreamed of, such as personal data transaction, DID, and logistics, to create a better world. ”he expressed his aspirations.

Meanwhile, 'CES', the world's largest IT exhibition, is an exhibition where you can grasp the trend of the global home appliance industry at a glance. Hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it is held in Las Vegas, USA every January. AVING News, which has covered CES for 17 consecutive years, has reported CES news all over the world every year since 2006. MADE IN KOREA'. In addition, through ‘AVING LIVE’, CES site issues have been vividly conveyed.

All zkrypto officials, including CEO Oh Hyun-ok, introducing the company's zkVoting service at CES 2023 | Filming - AVING NEWS

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